With Xpedigo® API, your company will benefit from the power of Xpedigo® delivery, period.

Give your clients the fastest and most innovative delivery service in town. No more wait time between order and delivery.

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How does Xpedigo’s API® work?

With just few lines of codes, you integrate the delivery process directly link to Xpedigo into your website.

Give the power of same day delivery to your customers.

Your customers place order on your website, and automatically all the data is synchronized with our platform, and your shipments are created.

No complex forms, flexibles prices, we are simplified your shipping workflow.

Our couriers will be there in time to pickup your parcels. Give the live tracking of your customers on your website, so they are always up to date with the status of theirs shipments.

Our API, integrate automatically a notification process, so you and your customers know exactly what is going on!

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